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One of the things that have been majorly impacted by the internet revolution is education. It I much easier for people to access different resources as long as they have access to internet. Slowly, education is moving online. As a training institute, professional development firms, college or any other higher learning institution, it is essential to start offering courses online. Why would you sell courses online? What should you consider when setting up online courses?

Read more about sell courses online

Reasons to sell courses online

There is higher potential for businesses in the education sector as they can reach a wider scope of clients locally and internationally. It is easier for students and possible associates or partners to find you when your business in online based. In addition to this, offering courses online minimises expenses since it reduces the instances of travel to offer courses, accommodation when delivering courses away from our city or country and it may also minimise the number of staff members required. This can be effectively used to maximise on profits. For those institutions that seek to maximise on their impact through education and professional development, the use of online courses ensures that you reach a higher number of people in different locations and therefore if utilised effectively, this channel can lead to optimal impact.

What to consider

As with all other things, you must consider a number of factors before you embark on the journey to take your courses online. Firstly, you must consider the cost of the courses. Does it make economic sense to offer courses online? Will the students afford the courses? What do your competitors charge for similar courses? While you may have your own pricing criteria, remember that whether your pricing is based on value or actual costs, your value proposition must be in line with the price.

The duration of the course is also important. There are courses that take a few hours while there are those that take longer. The internet is full of distractions and therefore optimal timing should be used to ensure that your clients benefit altogether. Courses that take too long may be less popular compared to those that take longer.

What will be the mode of delivery? Will it be facilitated discussions, lectures or interesting presentations by experienced personnel? Will it be pure audio or a combination of audio and video? The mode of delivery is very important in keeping your audience engaged. The more diverse the delivery method, the more likely it is to keep people engaged.


Ultimately, understanding your potential clients is what will lead to successful implementation of online courses. Therefore, ensure that you carry our due diligence on different types of clients and what would keep them engaged. While you ca outsources the research, it is better if you carry it out by yourself to ensure that you understand your clients better.