FAFSA due on March 3

A reminder that, if your or your child is planning on attending college in the fall, you need to complete the FAFSA form by no later than Monday. It is now possible to do it entirely online.

Even if you plan on using one of our many cheap ways to get a degree, most colleges will still require you to complete this form. And, importantly, it is in your best interest to do so.

What will you learn about cheap college degrees?

Earning a cheap college degree can mean many things. When I do a Google search on “cheap college degrees,” not surprisingly most of what I see are very bad choices for students. Interestingly, more than a couple of these companies have made offers on this domain name.

So how can you be sure that what I am suggesting is legitimate? Here’s some good guidelines:

  1. I am not trying to sell you a college degree; and
  2. I am not saying if you take a single test, you can earn a college degree; and
  3. I am not saying that you can earn a degree through “life experience;” and
  4. Everything that I tell you about is something that is already in place that you can verify for yourself (and often with a public entity).

So there is my disclaimer. I hope in the coming weeks and months you can see me living up to it.

What will you learn through this blog:

  1. You will learn about credits by examination. While it is definitely not possible to earn a college degree through a single examination, it is entirely possible to earn many college units using credit by examinations.
  2. You will learn about the different military options. The military has a number of programs where they will help you earn a college degree. This includes the service academies, but it also includes tuition assistance programs, the “G.I. Bill,” and more.
  3. You will learn about scholarships and grants. These are definitely available to you. Importantly, you will learn where to spend your time applying and where not to do so.
  4. You will learn about student loans. The single-greatest thing you will learn here is how to avoid student loans. Failing that, you will learn how to make wise choices with them.
  5. You will learn about creating portfolios. While no one is going to give you a degree for your life experience (“Hey, I worked at that place for 20 years!), you can earn college units by proving that you learned something while you worked there. This portfolio option can potentially be very rewarding.
  6. You will learn about the Big Three colleges. There are (at least) three colleges that are the most liberal in accepting credit-by-exam, transfer credit, and portfolios. You need to know about them.
  7. You will learn about cheap (and a few free) colleges and universities. There is wide variety in the tuition you can pay. It goes all the way from free to more than $60,000 per year. You will learn where you should be going to get the best financial deal.

And so much more. A little truth in advertising: The expectation is that, each and every week, you will get 2-3 substantive blog posts. While there may be some things that I share with you that are only a couple of sentences, those don’t count!

More truth in advertising: This blog will work better if you ask questions in the comments. I will always respond to questions.

Welcome to Cheap College Degrees

Have you always wanted to earn a college degree, but didn’t have enough cash? You’re not alone. There are many potential students out there just like you. Smart enough. Hard workers. But the cost of college done in the traditional way was just too much.

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